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episode 1
lydia lunch

- Current project Brutal Measures
- Music in New York City in the late 70s
- What Lydia believes to be the definitive
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks album


episode 2
joey Molland

- Recording Straight Up with George Harrison
and Todd Rundgren
- Performing in the Concert for Bangladesh
- Recording Imagine with John Lennon
- Thoughts on Big Star and Harry Nilsson


episode 3
arturo Sandoval

- Performing with and lessons learned from
Dizzy Gillespie
- Performing at the Newport Jazz Festival
- Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama
- Details on Arturo's album currently in progress


episode 4
dan bruskewicz
tj kong and the atomic bomb

- New TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb release Dancing Out the Door
- The origins of TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb
- Dan on the music scene in Philadelphia


episode 5
dave wakeling
the English Beat

- New English Beat album Here We Go Love
- Dave's guitar
- The name "The Beat" vs "The English Beat"
- The song "Can't Get Used To Losing You"
- Performing in the Us Festival


episode 6
dan deacon

- Dan's new release Rat Film
- Dan's recording and composing process
- How Dan selects material to perform live
- Dan's thoughts on the state of Electronic Music


episode 7
michael lopresti
the lighthouse and the whaler

- New EP Paths
- Michael describes the sound of the band
- The music scene in Cleveland


episode 8
zach stephenson
hockey dad

- New single "Homely Feeling"
- Performing in Australia vs the US
- Hockey Dad's connection with The Simpsons
- Influences and Australian music


episode 9
scott ferber
the jauntee

- The Jam Band scene around the US
- Bluegrass sets (Jauntgrass)
- The Jauntee's origins and influences
- Playing Phish after parties


episode 10
johnny a.

- Johnny's show on 11/30 at City Winery in Boston
- Performing with The Yardbirds
- Seeing Jimi Hendrix live
- The Johnny A. Signature Guitar from Gibson
- Advice for guitarists


episode 11
jeff mann
consider the source

- The Consider the Source sound
- Gabe Marin's fretless guitar
- Jeff's drum influences
- A vocalist for Consider the Source


episode 12
tim palmieri

- Kung Fu upcoming shows
- Tim's Frank Zappa tribute band The Z3
- Tim's Fender Strat
- Advice for guitarists


episode 13
eve alpert

- New Palm album Rock Island
- Songwriting process
- Music scene in Philadelphia


episode 14

- Performing with the Zither and the Gong
- Laughter workshops
- Being discovered by Brian Eno
- Recording Ambient 3: Day of Radiance with Brian Eno
- Thoughts on the Ambient and New Age genres


episode 15
colin blunstone
the zombies

- Remembering Zombies bandmember Jim Rodford
- Selecting songs for The Zombies live set
Still Got That Hunger help from Paul McCartney
- Recording Odessey and Oracle in Abbey Road Studios


episode 16
dr. demento
john cafiero

- New album Dr. Demento Covered In Punk featuring Osaka Popstar, William Shatner, Fred Schneider, Adam West, Joan Jett, Weird Al Yancovic, The Misfits
- Dr. Demento's thoughts on Frank Zappa, Gloria Balsam ("Fluffy"), Jandek
- John Cafiero's new label Demented Punk Records


episode 17

- New single "Nowhere to Run"
- Origins of the band
- Thoughts on combining Hip-Hop and Bluegrass
- Writing the theme song for TV show Justified


episode 18
reid anderson
the bad plus

- New album Never Stop II
- New member Orrin Evans
- The Bad Plus cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
- Reid's thoughts on improvisation


episode 19
keith lockhart
conductor - the boston pops

- Performances celebrating Leonard Bernstein
- Advice from John Williams
- Artists Keith wants to work with
- Keith's background in conducting


episode 20
roger mcguinn
the byrds

- Folk Den Project available at
- Formation of The Byrds
- Influences from and influencing The Beatles
- Thoughts on Bob Dylan
- Changing from Jim McGuinn to Roger McGuinn